Project Boost

Literacy is a key concern in all KLAs - we so often see students who are struggling to engage in reading and writing. Many of these students have a reading age which falls below their chronological age, but this alone is not always sufficient to qualify for remediation. Project Boost will support these learners to develop positive images of themselves as learners

Project Boost aims to engage these students in reading and writing in ways that appeal to the young digital native. Digital media can be effectively incorporated into literacy programs to help support students who find it difficult to engage in traditional media.

During the project you will develop listening post-style material at age-appropriate levels, incorporating artwork, text, sound effects and music into one professionally-produced package.

Skill to be developed

You will:

-Create polished sound recordings in GarageBand, including page-turning cues, sound effects, and original music.

-Export files to iTunes to burn to CD, and convert to podcasts to publish in iWeb

-Design packaging for the CD using Pages and ArtRage

-Learn to create digital format book reviews and publish them on the internet

This will be followed by discussions on incorporating these skills into the classroom, with a view to assisting students to create their own dynamic and engaging resources.