Lights Camera Action

Video can be a fabulous learning and literacy support tool in all KLAs - it allows students to engage in higher-order thinking, work collaboratively and exercise their creativity. A wide range of text types can be explored through film, including narrative, reporting, procedural texts and social dialogue.

Skill to be developed

This workshop allows you to explore the filmmaking process from beginning to end and learn how to manage filmmaking in a classroom environment. The workshop consists of three sessions - preproduction, production, and postproduction. Pre-production is the planning stage, where your film is scripted, and storyboarded using the photo app on an iPad. You will also learn about various camera angles and shot types. This session can be used as a simple classroom technique to allow students to think digitally.

During the production stage, you will work with a group, assigning roles and capturing video, using microphones and tripods to achieve a professional result. This stage, in particular, requires effective classroom management, and several strategies will be discussed during the workshop.

In the postproduction stage, you will edit the footage using iMovie, and learn to add text, titles, transitions and still images. You will also learn to use GarageBand to create an original soundtrack. Your completed film can then be shared in several file formats, including YouTube exports, allowing for authentic feedback.

The focus throughout the workshop is on effective classroom implementation and creative use in the curriculum. A debrief discussion will conclude the workshop, along with a popcorn showcase of participants' films.