Apple Professional Development 

Customising Learning with iTunes U

Providing rich, real and relevant learning for students in a 1-1 iPad environment


Many schools have implemented 1-1 iPad deployments and iTunes U provides these schools with a repository of entire courses of educational content which are then available for the students iPads. So for these schools it essential to ask:-


How does any time, anywhere access to personalised, interactive and engaging resources support learning and teaching?


iTunes U Course Manager allows educators to create rich educational course content to share with students to enhance their learning experiences. 


During this 3 hour workshop, you will be taken through the steps necessary to get your course published and available to your selected audience.


These steps include:-

browsing and searching iTune U

  • enrolling and engaging in private courses and discussions
  • creating a new course
  • outlining  course information
  • creating posts
  • adding rich media



It is important to note that for you to gain maximum benefit from this course you should come with an active Apple ID and some material you wish to use for your own course.