iPhones in Business

Mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, and iPods allow businesses to be more productive.  However many of us just use the new phones to do what we have always done with our old ones.  This workshop is designed to help you take advantage of the features of the phone.


Learning Outcomes from Workshop include:-

  • Personalise your iPoneto make it the optimum device for you 
  • Using accessibility features
  • Use multitasking gestures to efficiently navigate  including 3D touch
  • Managing notification
  • Location feature and how this can help with travel
  • Using text to speech and speech to text
  • Getting more from your camera
  • Managing your photos including searching for people, places, and things
  • Getting most from Calendar and Notes
  • Transferring files between devices 
  • Review Business apps to support you being more productive
  • Managing Messages including handwritten messages
  • Quicktype

Paul is a very experienced educator who was one of the inaugural Apple Distinguished Educator selected in Australia.  He has attended a number of the Apple Institutes include the 10 and 20th Anniversary institute.  He has delivered workshop internationally and across Australia.  He belongs to the Apple Consultant Network and is qualified to deliver workshops from the Apple Professional Development catalogue.