Creating Content on Our iPads

Creating Content on the iPad


Ipads have impacted on the way we use technology both in the home and at school.  This intuitive device has the power to revolutionise how students learn.  This workshop will explore how teachers can unlock this potential to do more than simply consume knowledge and information.

Paul has been curating some sites to support the creative use of the iPad in the classroom.  You can view this resource here

Skills to be Developed

During this workshop, we will concentrate on how the iPad can be used to create quality content and how this content can be shared.  Teachers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of educational apps which focus on the creating content for the new Australian Curriculum.  Once this content is created they will then be shown how this content can be managed in a school setting.

Some Apps explored in this workshop include:-

  • Book Creator
  • iMovie
  • Explain Everything
  • Keynote
  • Art  Rage

Length:- 1 -3 hours